Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas San Fierro Syndicate Missions


San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas  San Fierro Syndicate Missions

2. 555 WE TIP

 The Syndicate missions revolve around CJ getting back on his feet with the allies he has acquired so far. It also helps CJ and his crew to help establish a legitimate business in San Fierro.


REWARDS – Zero’s shop will be available to purchase

You need some crew members for your garage and The Truth knows some. Your first target is Jethro in Easter Basin. Follow the blue blip on the radar, park in the red marker, and honk your horn. Your next destination is the hospital, represented by the red cross on your radar. When you get there, you’ll see a mysterious van drive by, and you’re left in the dark about it.

After that, head towards the next blue blip on your radar to find Dwaine. He seems to be working a hot dog truck, so beep your horn when you find the red marker. It seems Dwaine has some stuff to take care of first and will meet you later at the garage. After that, your next destination is the police station, marked by a blue blip on your radar. Again, you’ll see the mysterious van drive by and you’re still clueless about it. After that, you need to head to an electronics expert named Zero, so follow the blue blip to him. Honk the horn in the red marker, Zero gets in the car and you need to head back to your garage. The mission will end when you park in the red marker at the garage.

555 WE TIP

REWARDS – Valet Parking job unlocks

This is another mission for Officer Tenpenny. Head to the yellow blip on the radar. The hotel operates a valet parking service. You have to follow the valet, marked with a red arrow, into the parking garage. Once the valet parks the car and gets out, quickly kill him without being seen by anyone. Getting any stars during this mission will blow your cover and you’ll fail the mission. Once you kill the valet, take his clothes and head back outside.

The DA drives a blue Merit and you’ll have to identify it when he pulls it in to be parked (one of the valets points out the car when it approaches). You also have to make sure that no other valets get to the car before you (if one does, simply pull him out of the car). Once you get into the DA’s car, you’ll have around 4 minutes to drive it to your garage to have the drugs planted, then back to the parking garage and park it. You have to quickly move and you MUST NOT DAMAGE THE CAR. When you get it back to the parking lot, park in the designated spot and get out of the car. Go outside, into the red marker and CJ will automatically call the police to bust the DA.

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